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stamen n : the male reproductive organ of a flower [also: stamina (pl)]stamina n : enduring strength and energy [syn: staying power, toughness]stamina See stamen

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From etyl la stamina, plural of stamen.


  • a UK /ˈstamɪnə/


  1. Plural of stamen
  2. In the context of "obsolete|as plural": The basic elements of a thing; rudimentary structures or qualities.
  3. In the context of "now considered singular": The energy and strength for continuing to do something over a long period of time; power of sustained exertion, or resistance to hardship, illness etc.


power of sustained exertion

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Stamina may refer to:
  • Stamina, the capability of sustaining prolonged stressful effort (see endurance)
  • Stamina, the plural of stamen, the male organ of a flower
  • Stam1na, a Finnish heavy metal band
  • Stamina, a freeware program developed by TypingSoft to teach touch-typing
  • Stamina wood, a type of wood laminate typically used in the manufacture of knife handles

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